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User Experience Leadership

Presenting UX to a Brand New Team

Christan Fergus • 2019

Role: User Experience Strategist

As my new team embarked on a new product, I used the opportunity to educate them on UX, plus introduce them to our users and why we were making what we were making.


Educate a brand new team on what UX is and does, who are target user personas are, and show data illustrating what and why we're building what we're building.

Tools & Methodology

  • Qualitative research, contextual inquiry
  • Quantitative research, SUS & Top Tasks
  • Personas

When spinning up a new product, it can be hard to know where exactly to start. That said, it's a wonderful opportunity to lay the groundwork for solid, user-focused design. I seized that opportunity with a "trilogy" of presentations I gave over the course of a week. The PDF versions of the presentations I gave can be viewed below.

Pt 1: User Experience Overview

The role of UX on the team, where UX sits in the typical development flow, and how to work with UX.

User Experience Overview

Pt 2: Dispatch Personas

Detailed persona discussion based on my field research and industry standards on what these roles are and do.

Dispatch Personas

Pt 3: Dispatch Tasks

Presentation of system usability scale and top tasks research to support why we were building what we were building.

Dispatch Tasks