I produce deliberate user interfaces, craft lovely HTML & CSS, & weild a passion for making the web accessible to every single gosh-darn amazing human being.

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The User's Experience

UX is an holistic approach to the breadth of an experience. Great web design means understanding the user's needs and coupling that with a beautiful, useable interface. Navigating a web site should not feel like a scavenger hunt.

I determine the user’s needs through user testing, data, and research. I then use that information to provide the best possible, most informative, and painless experience on the website.

The Code

It’s paramount that the code running a site is light-weight, elegantly written, and accessible to all users and platforms. Naked markup starts out responsive and accessible, it’s our job as good web designers to keep it that way.

My passion resides in standards-based design, HTML, CSS (by way of Sass), JavaScript when necessary, DRY coding principles, and the utilization of pattern libraries.

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