The Man Behind The Markup

I'm a UX designer / developer based in the Denver metro area of beautiful Colorado. Armed with degrees in both graphic and web design (not to mention years of real world experience), I know a thing or two about creating effective designs, usable interfaces, and prim and proper markup.

It's not all work, though. I'm a big fan of sports car endurance racing (think pinnacle of automotive engineering and tracks with a lot of twisty bits). I dabble in audio production, hike the hilly hills of the Rocky Mountains, and fancy myself a bit of a coffee connoisseur (I co-created and managed a coffee shop in my early days).

When it comes to my work, however, I'm truly passionate. I thoroughly enjoy the life cycle of the user's experience, from testing, wireframing, design, and implementation. I love writing beautiful and clean HTML and Sass (CSS). I'm constantly looking for ways to achieve the most efficient design—both visually and in the code. I believe having access to the web is a human right, and we should remove any barriers that exist between any user—regardless of ability—and the power of the web. Because of this, I relentlessly test and scrutinize my designs so I know the user will always be able to achieve their goals, which in turn, enables the business achieve theirs.

Giving back is also important to me, which is why I teach web design at community college. Not only do I get to share my experiences, I’m forced to keep learning from the industry and even my students.

If you’d like to reach out to me or find out more, check out the links below and in the footer to find me across the internets.