Door To Door Organics E-Commerce Website

Role: Lead Front End Developer (UI Designer/Developer)

You can go to Door To Door Organics to view the website I constantly worked on for five years.

Beyond that, below is a selection of projects I have highlighted that I worked on while at DTDO. My role in all these encompassed UI/UX design and code implementation (HTML, Sass, JQuery, and in some cases JSX).

Product Card


  • Update existing design to make it responsive.
  • Convert to a React component.
  • Update purchasing actions removing any UX barriers & encourage more purchasing.
  • Design something lovely.



By analyzing existing customer's product card behavior, exposing customer pain points, and weighing business requirements, my team and I produced an informed, tested design.


The business had grown in what it offered & in ways it wanted to show customers products since the last iteration of the product card. Because of this, various departments had a seat at the table and were kept informed of the entire design process.


The new card proved immediately successfull primarily becuase the design was data driven. Sales rose on pages that utilized the new card and customers responded well to the updated ease-of-use.

An example showing what it's like to purchase from the product card.
An example showing the product card.
An example showing the product card when an item is in your cart.