Christan Fergus

UX Designer/Developer


I'm a UX designer/developer whose talents lie in distilling complicated business models, translating those models into elegant, understandable interfaces, and coding those interfaces to become understandable, accessible, and satisfying web experiences.


  • Well-formed HTML(5)
  • Sass / CSS(3)
  • Responsive design
  • Modular, future-forward, reusable code & UI components & patterns
  • Wireframing
  • User interface design
  • Accessibility
  • User experience testing
  • User empathy
  • Leadership
  • Making coffee
  • Communication/teamwork

Daily Encounters

  • Agile methodology/SCRUM
  • Grunt
  • Git
  • Sketch, Omnigraffle, Balsamiq
  • Axure
  • Human beings

Things about which I'm passionate

  • Data & analytics-driven design
  • Accessibility
  • DRY coding practices
  • Pattern libraries
  • SVGs
  • Agile process

Learning on my own time

  • The Meteor stack
  • Javascript
  • Parenting
  • Homebrewing

Skill Spectrum

Fergus' skills span the spectrum from UX design to JQuery


Senior UX Designer / Developer @ ZOLL Data

July 2016 — Present


  • User experience advocate
  • User experience researcher
  • Created & maintains style guide for development team
  • Interface designer
  • Regularly give presentations of the team’s work to the company
  • Style and maintain front end standards and architectures
  • Voice for accessibility

Current Tech/Languages/Methods

  • HTML
  • Sass
  • Axure
  • Balsamiq
  • Omnigraffle
  • Sketch
  • Jekyll framework
  • Agile environment/SCRUM

Senior UX Designer / Developer @ Door To Door Organics

March 2011 — June 2016

I was Lead UX Designer /Developer in the Product Design Team that was responsible for the website's user experience, interface design, and front end development for the Door to Door Organics e-commerce application.

As team lead, I was responsible for building, guiding and defining the UI's architectural direction. I worked with visual designers, software developers, software quality assurance, company product managers, and stakeholders to create and ensure our website was easy-to-use, engaging for the customer, and met business needs.

Major components of my job included wireframing, designing, coding, and maintaining front-end architecture and patterns. I helped define the vision of the front end from an interface and code perspective that ensures quality and emphasizes best-practices.

I utilized data from user testing, analytics, and behavioral metrics to drive design and product decisions. This level of depth allowed me to get to the "why’s" behind requests and needs, not just the “what’s”. Doing so not only enabled me to solve problems, but solve the roots of those problems.


  • Team lead
  • User experience advocate
  • Interface designer
  • Regularly give presentations of the team’s work to the company
  • Style and maintain front end standards and architectures
  • Integral in helping to build the front end design team
  • Integral in helping set team direction and focus (technology to product)
  • Voice for accessibility
  • Manager of people

Current Tech/Languages/Methods

  • HTML
  • Sass
  • React/JSX
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Grunt
  • Play framework atop Java
  • Git
  • JIRA/Confluence
  • Accessibility
  • Agile development/SCRUM

Instructor @ Front Range Community College, Westminster

January 2014 — present

I instruct Web Design 2 in the Multimedia & Graphic Design department. I emphasize web best practices and focus on solid HTML/CSS fundamentals along with the creation of tidy and semantic code. I also go over the elements and principles of visual design to help students produce lovely, usable pages.

Upon completion of the course, students leave with an expanded understanding and ability to craft the foundations of the web experience, and a solid understanding of what it will take to be a successful web designer.


  • Manage and instruct classes ranging from 8 to 22 students
  • Focus on solid basics of markup, styling
  • Focus on real world use cases and analyzing websites with students
  • Approach the course with a holistic view from a professional’s perspective
  • Establish solid design guidelines and principles focusing on elements and principles of design
  • Assign a mix of individual and team assignments and keep student accountable
  • Support students when they have issues, and encourage them to push themselves

Freelance Web Designer @ Fergus Design

January 2008 — December 2011

Ran a profitable freelance business focusing on growing the online presence of small businesses. As a small business owner, I gained valuable experience not only in design and development, but also in project management, business development, accounting and mentoring clients. I specialized in static brochure websites and custom Wordpress builds.


  • Worked closely with my clients and fostered long-term relationships
  • Understood, interpreted and translated client’s needs
  • Translated their requirements into dynamic, rich and usable designs by providing wireframes and comps
  • Provided coded websites that met budget and requirements

Graphic Designer & Screen Printer @ Instant Imprints

January 2008 — July 2010

Specialized in taking customers' ideas and turning them into powerful marketing material—usually in screen print form. I handled the end–to–end process of concept, design, proofing, and finally production. I excelled at taking often complex ideas and even artwork and turning that into designs that could be translated to ink. The more challenging the designs, the more exciting the job.


  • Graphic design
  • Worked with clients
  • Operated a 6-head manual screen printing press
  • The entire screen printing process from output, films, etc.


B.A. in Multimedia & Web Design @ Westwood College

2006 — 2008

Associate Degree in Graphic Design @ Clovis Community College

2001 - 2003